Thiago Silva

Hailed for his innovative designs, Pastry Chef Thiago Silva’s creations have served as jaw-dropping centerpieces on the tables of such stars as Sofia Vergara, Miranda Kerr, and Carmelo Anthony. Food Network aired its first all baking CHOPPED competition. The show pitted four of New York City’s most week renowned bakers and pastry chefs in a competition they dubbed “Baker Boys.”  Taking home the win was Thiago Silva, then the EMM Group’s Corporate Pastry Chef. The Brazilian born Silva, donated his $10,000 grand prize to Careers Through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP), the organization was integral in Silva finding his career path to pastry chef.

Thiago now works at Chew Innovation labs, working with top industry scientists to develop CPG products of the future. While at Chew labs, Thiago still keeps in touch with the culinary world by Cunsulting through out the US and abroad. He has also Competed and won Dessert Games on Foodnetwork, was a Finalist on Best Baker In America, and was a guest judge on Sugar Rush Netflix.

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