About Bernzomatic

Find Your Fire

Bernzomatic has been leading the fire and heat industry for more than a century. Since our foundation in 1876, we’ve been diligently forging ahead with a progressive mindset and quality craftsmanship.

We’re visionaries, go getters, hard workers and hands-on enthusiasts, just like you. Our culture burns with the desire to inspire, and we strive to enable those who share our passion to create.

We offer an array of hand held torches, micro torches, fuel cylinders, butane lighters and accessories. Whether you’re constructing, fixing, making, creating or exploring, you can trust us to provide safe, durable, high-performing products to help turn your vision into a masterpiece.

Let’s spark your next great idea.

It’s time to ignite.

Be Inspired

Woman using Bernzomatic hand torch

Bernzomatic Quality

Superior Engineering

Our hand torches and fuel cylinders are precision engineered by the global leader in pressure cylinder vessels to be the highest quality products on the market.

Absolutely Dependable

Our durable products exceed drop test standards three-fold. They’re tested to 30,000 ignitions — the most in the industry.

Easy to use

Our hand torches and fuel cylinders are designed to be intuitive and versatile.


Our products are built to exceed government standards for quality and safety.