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Whether you’re seeking a torch tutorial, product information or inspiration for your next project, we can help. Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive about our torches, fuel cylinders and accessories.

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Which torch do you recommend for a DIYer?

The TS3500 Multi-Use Torch is a versatile torch well suited to a variety of tasks, including light soldering, lighting grills, loosening rusted bolts and softening putty or paint. It features an automatic ignition that instantly ignites the flame without the hassle of a spark lighter.

See our infographic on Selecting the Right Torch for the Right Job​

Bernzomatic Garage: Selecting the Right Torch

Which torch do you recommend for a professional contractor?

The TS8000 Max Heat Torch works well for many heavy duty tasks. Its ultra swirl flame provides maximum heat for large-diameter soldering or brazing. Its durable cast aluminum body is built to last.

See our infographic on Selecting the Right Torch for the Right Job

Bernzomatic Garage: Selecting the Right Torch

Which fuel should I use for my project?

  • Butane: Butane torches are well suited for soldering electronic circuits, heat shrinking and jewelry design and repair.
  • Propane: Propane torches are ideal for small soldering jobs, softening putty or paint and loosening rusted bolts.
  • MAP-Pro™: MAP-Pro torches are designed for larger, hotter jobs such as soldering large diameter copper pipe, brazing or heat-treating.
  • Oxy / MAP-Pro: Oxy / MAP-Pro torches are hot enough to weld and cut thin metal.

Bernzomatic Garage: Selecting the Right Torch

Why is my torch so hard to light?

Most torches light better when the valve is just cracked open and there is light gas flow.

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Why does my torch go out when tipped upside down?

When a torch without a pressure regulator is tipped upside down, the liquid propane in the torch works its way through the torch and extinguishes the flame. We recommend a pressure-regulated torch, such as the TS3500 Multi-Use Torch, for tasks that require the temporary inversion of a torch.

How do I inspect my torch and cylinder for potential gas leaks?

Conduct a leak test in a well-ventilated and spark-free area where there are no open flames. Attach torch to fuel cylinder. With the valve open, without lighting, test all connections with soapy water. If bubbles appear, gas is leaking and the torch must be repaired or replaced. Never use a flame to check for leaks.

Bernzomatic Garage: Ignition Troubles

Why do I only get a small flame out of my torch in cold weather?

On a torch that is not pressure-regulated, the size of the flame varies with the pressure in the gas cylinder. When it is very cold, there is a reduced amount of gas pressure in the cylinder. We recommend a pressure-regulated torch, such as the TS3500 Multi-Use Torch.

Why did my torch head break at the air holes?

All of our torches are designed to absorb impact and reduce damage to the cylinder if dropped or abused.

Can I replace the igniter on my torch? Do you sell replacement igniters?

We do not recommend that users replace igniters. However, corrosion on the ignition wire or a blockage in the burn tube may prevent a torch from lighting and can be easily repaired. For instructions, contact our customer care team.

Bernzomatic Garage: Ignition Troubles

My torch is defective. Where can I get it repaired?

Please contact our customer service department or call 1-800-359-9678.

What is the warranty on my torch?

Please see our product page for warranty information about your specific torch.

Where can I buy an item that I can't find in a store?

Use the search feature to find the product you’re interested in and click on the Buy Now button for a list of retailers that carry the product.

Many retailers make our products available for order and shipping through their online stores. While federal regulations prevent the shipping of hazardous materials such as flammable fuel through the mail or via air cargo, it may be possible for the product to be routed to a store near you for pick-up in person.

What happened to the QuickFire drill-style torch with the small, 1/4 turn cylinder? I can't find replacement fuel for my QuickFire torch.

The QuickFire torch and the QuickFire fuel cylinder were discontinued in October 2012 and are no longer being manufactured. We recommend you replace the QuickFire with the TS8000 Max Heat Torch, which has similar flame characteristics and uses MAP-Pro fuel.

How do I dispose of my 14.1, 16 or 16.4 oz. fuel cylinder?

Bernzomatic cylinders are both disposable and recyclable, but each municipality has its own regulations for recycling. For information on non-refillable fuel cylinder disposal, visit our CylinderSafe page.

Can Bernzomatic products be transported on an aircraft?

Most Bernzomatic products are not permitted to be carried on to aircraft. Visit the FAA Packsafe page for details.

Where can I find instructions for my torch?

Instructions are available on our Product Support page.

Where can I find a Bernzomatic SDS sheet?

How do I contact customer service?

You can contact us by email or call 1-800-359-9678.

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