Torch Safety

Our hand torches and propane cylinders are manufactured to meet all safety regulations. Yet, understanding how to use these products and which fuel to select is just as important to your safety. All of our products come with instruction manuals, and below are some tips to always keep in mind when working with heat tools and fuel.


General Safety Precautions

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Fuel Information

How Hot?

Click along the graph below to discover the appropriate temperature ranges for specific applications.

200 - 400° F

Softening putty or paint

350 – 840° F

Soldering: joining metals with a low-temp metal filler for plumbing and electrical projects

400 – 800° F

Thaw frozen locks and rusted nuts / bolts

840 – 1,500° F

Brazing: soldering with a hard filler

2,400 – 3,000° F

Cutting steel

Hot Spots: A single torch flame varies in temperature at different points on the flame. The hottest part is always at the tip of the inner flame, where the pale outer flame meets the brighter inner flame.

Fuel Safety Information

Our hand torches and propane cylinders are manufactured to meet all safety regulations. Choosing the right fuel for your project is another important safety measure, and depends on the torch as well as the task at hand.

Torch are designed to work only for specific fuels. Always check your torch for fuel compatibility. For additional assistance in selecting the proper fuel visit the torch product page or contact Bernzomatic customer service.

Bernzomatic fuel cylinders

Ideal for soldering copper pipes, heating frozen pipes and rusted nuts, softening paint and other lower-heat DIY and art projects, as well as for use in the kitchen. Use with a variety of torches including self-igniting and manual-ignition. Pick a wide flame torch for most applications which don't need pinpoint-type heat.

Ideal for soldering larger size copper pipes, brazing and heat-treating, MAP-Pro delivers a higher flame temperature, which allows tasks to be completed more quickly. Choose a torch specially designed to work with MAP-Pro fuel such as the TS4000 High Heat Torch or TS8000 Max Heat Torch.

Ideal for light soldering or detailed work, butane gas is compatible with smaller, handheld tools such as micro torches. It is also the fuel used to power Bernzomatic utility lighters.

Oxy / MAP-Pro: Ideal for cutting and welding thin metal when you don't need a sharp flame such as that from an oxy-acetylene torch. A specialty oxy-fuel torch is needed.