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From the combined work of Megan McDuffie and Michael van Vliet, Fresh Off the Grid was started in 2015 as a cooking resource for outdoor enthusiasts. At the time, the couple was preparing for a year-long road trip, and found themselves struggling to reconcile their love for cooking with a life outdoors & on the road. Most home recipes were too complicated to be made at a campsite, while many camping recipes were too unhealthy to eat for anything more than the weekend. So they started documenting their attempts to make healthy, nutritious meals under the constraints of a camping environment. Michael and Megan have since incorporated a blowtorch into their arsenal of cooking tools, and highlight how to use a torch to create delicious recipes in the outdoors.

Fresh Off the Grid not only caters to car campers but to backpackers, vanlifers, boaters, cabin dwellers, anyone else cooking in anything less than a full modern kitchen. The website now features an assortment of easy-to-prepare recipes, helpful how-to guides, a curated shop of camping gear, and an abundance of outdoor inspiration. Fresh Off the Grid: Good food in great outdoors.

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