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Review: Sansaire Searing Kit

The Sansaire Searing Kit is the fruit of a partnership between Bernzomatic and Seattle sous vide manufacturer Sansaire. The torch is a lightly-modified Bernzomatic, with most of the difference at the business end of the nozzle, where it’s noticeably wider than regular torches. The handle would look equally at home on a Stormtrooper’s belt and in a fancy kitchen.

Artist Bro Seth Sanger Created A Jay Z Portrait With Just A Blow Torch And You Won’t Believe How Dope It Looks

I’d like to think that I have a few hidden talents somewhere in my body, but then people like artist Seth Sanger come along and remind me that I’m just one basic bro. That’s because Sanger, who frequently posts his finished pieces on his Instagram account, does the majority of his art with a freaking Bernzomatic blowtorch, which lets him use different sized fire blowers to make things that I still can’t believe—like this portrait of Jay Z.

12 Outdoor Essentials for the Man of Leisure

Who’s got time to fumble with matches when there’s relaxing to be done? This Premium Flexible Lighter by Bernzomatic is the perfect solution for the guy who would rather spend his time lounging in his chair than trying to light a match in the wind. The refillable, windproof, Butane lighter has a flexible neck and an LED flashlight with a replaceable battery – the perfect all-in-one tool for lighting the campfire, grill, or stove – and it even has a convenient bottle opener!

50 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes Your Friends Wish you’d Make

This one involves the use of a blowtorch, so be nice to the hubs and let him play with this recipe. This one involves the use of a blowtorch, so be nice to the hubs and let him play with this recipe. Place cranberries on a large cookie sheet and, using a Bernzomatic torch (we like this one), blister and lightly char all of the cranberries.

The Ultimate Maker’s Gift Guide / Metal Shop

No workshop should be without a simple torch. These Bernzomatic torch heads make all the difference in the world — just click and there’s fire — and work great with MAPP gas and propane. Never strike a flint spark torch igniter again. These are pressure regulated for inverted use and have a trigger switch for one-handed operation.

Gifts for Foodies

When you want to sear, it's nice to deploy a lot of heat. And for that, nothing beats a blowtorch. Get a real one, built for non-kitchen use, and set some stuff on fire!

Press Release

DIY expert Nicole Curtis partners with Bernzomatic to launch "Find Your Fire" Community Grants Program

Bernzomatic announced the launch of the Bernzomatic Find Your Fire Community Grants program, an initiative that will award grant support to motivated people who may lack the resources or tools needed to bring community revitalization projects to life. With the helping hands of Nicole Curtis, the program invites participants from across the country to nominate a project that uses a blowtorch and will make a difference in their communities. Winners will receive financial grants, a variety of Bernzomatic products and a visit from Curtis to help complete the job.