DIY Outdoor Wall Trellis


Whether you have limited growing space, or just want to dress up those exterior walls, this DIY Wall Trellis is the perfect addition to your landscape!


Measuring, cutting, drilling and laying out parts

1. Measure & Mark

Mark the flat bar at 4-inches, then in increments of 10-inches, ¼-inch from the edge.

2. Cut To Size

Use a miter saw to cut the angle bar in half (18-inches).

3. Drill Holes

Use a ⅛ ”-¼” cobalt drill bit to drill the marks made along the flat bar.

4. Lay Out Pieces & Clamp

Overlay the flat bars onto the angle bars creating a rectangle. Holes should face inward. Use a speed square to ensure angles aren’t skewed, and loosely clamp in place.

Soldering, running wires, painting and hanging

5. Solder Aluminum Corners

Heat the aluminum pieces until they are hot enough to melt the brazing rod. Drag the brazing rod across the joints. Do this for all four corners then let cool completely.

6. Thread Trellis Frame

Pull the picture frame wire through the holes to create a crisscross design.

7. Spray Paint

Paint and seal the trellis for outdoor use.

8. Secure the Trellis

Use 2”x2” wood as cleats to secure the trellis to the wall, and enjoy!

Completed trellis

What You'll Need


Reach Torch

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14.1 oz. MAP-Pro® Hand Torch Cylinder

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Aluminum Brazing and Welding Rods

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Fuel Gauge

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  • (2) ⅛”x1”x36” Aluminum Flat Bar
  • (1) ⅛”x1”x48” Aluminum Angle Bar
  • Picture Frame Wire