Wooden Serving Tray

Wooden Serving Tray



1. Paint a patriotic design on the pallet.

Highlight knots with torch

2. Glide the Bernzomatic across the top of the board to highlight the knots and imperfections in the wood. Glide across the stars to give the white a vintage design. Make sure to glide across the edges of the wood to highlight the grains.

Drill evenly spaced holes

3. Drill evenly spaced holes on each end of the pallet for the handles.

Cut rope

4. Cut 8-10 inch pieces of rope and feed through the drilled holes.

Tie knots

5. Tie knots at the end of each rope to form the handles.

Burn rope handles

6. Burn the rope handles to add to the vintage theme.

Complete tray

What You'll Need


Maker Detail Torch

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Maker Precision Torch

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  • Wood Pallet Piece (size may vary)
  • Rope
  • Drill
  • Milk Paint in Red White & Blue