Wooden Clock with Metal Inlay

Wooden Clock with Metal Inlay

Learn how to make a DIY wooden Clock with a gorgeous metal inlay detail with this easy beginner-friendly step by step tutorial.


Step 1 - Prepare board

  • Cut the board to make a square piece.
  • Find the center of the board by drawing two diagonal lines.
  • Determine and mark the location of the lines to be routed.

Use a 1x8 piece of walnut. Cut out a square of 7½" x 7½".

Important: make sure the final line is NOT at the center so you don't have to drill through it to add the clock movement.

Step 2 - Route stripes

  • Setup the ¼" trim bit in the trim router and set it to a height of ¼"
  • Use a combination square to guide the router. Use an extra scrap board to support the combination square as you route. 


It is important to make sure that the combination square doesn't move as you route the lines.

Step 3 - Add the metal inlay

  • Using the ST2200 Detail torch, melt plumbing solder into the grooves.

This process takes a little bit of patience and practice.

There are a few things you want to be careful about in this process:

  • Melt solder continuously into the groove so you don't create gaps and bubbles.
  • Keep the flame parallel to the board so you don't burn the board. As the solder got shorter, it got harder to keep the flame parallel. It is best to use a longer piece of solder so your hand stays as far from the flame as possible.

Soldering lines

Step 4 - Finish

  • Using a belt sander and 180 grit sandpaper, smooth and remove the excess metal. 

Belt sander

Only the metal will be left in the grooves. Once it’s done, move on to finish the clock.

  • Find center of board on the back and make a hole for the clock movement.
  • Apply a finish the face.

Step 5 - Add clock movement

  • Add the clock movement following directions on the package.

Clock movement

If needed, you can route out space for the clock movement on the back. And done!


What You'll Need


Detail Torch

Product Info


5.6 oz. Butane Cylinder

Product Info


  • 1x8 board - cut to a square. I used walnut.
  • Plumbing solder
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • Plam router
  • ¼" trim bit
  • Belt sander
  • Clock movement
  • Finish