Large Artwork Wood Frame


This simple DIY Jumbo Artwork Wooden Frame is fun and easy to build. Large-framed art costs in upwards of thousands of dollars but with the right materials and some free time, you can build one for a fraction of the price.


  1. MEASURE AND CUT YOUR WOOD. Lay your pieces of pine wood on the floor. Cut the pieces at around 5 feet long. Shower curtains are usually around 6 feet long and wide so you can customize the size to your preference. 
    Wood laid out
  2. Attach the wood frame using screws.
    Adding screws
    Attach all the corner pieces together with a drill and screws. We also added one wood piece in the center for added support. 
    Frame squared
    Stand it up to make sure it's sturdy and level.
    Checking frame
  3. Torch the poplar wood with TS3500. Take your multi-purpose torch and give that poplar wood some character! This is going to be the outer frame for your art. The inside frame will be hidden by the art.
    Using torch
    This adds a beautiful rustic charm to the frame. You can do so much to this by adding an additional stain or light wax. We kept it in it's natural torched state because I liked how it looked with the map are and gave the cut ends a light sanding.
    Torched wood
    We chose poplar wood for the outer frame because I didn't want any holes or cracks in the wood. It's a nicer quality piece of wood and recommend this for the outer frame. 
  4. Attach the curtain around frame with staple gun.
    Using staple gun
    This step is optional but we attached a dark navy twin sized sheet around the frame first. If you're using this exact curtain map, you will need a sheet since the fabric is a bit translucent. This will hide the inner wooden frame. We used an old navy sheet we had on hand and it was perfect for this project. Make sure to pull the fabric taut so that there aren't any wrinkles. We also steamed the map because it had wrinkles from shipping. 
    Curtain map
    It's looking good so far! We trimmed off any excess fabric from the back with some scissors.
    Fabric trimmed
  5. Attach the torched wood trim with a brad nailer.
    Using brad nailer
    Taking your brad nailer, attach the rustic pieces of wood to build your frame. Now it's time to hang your one of a kind art! There are so many beautiful curtain fabrics available and your options are endless. We almost chose a gorgeous floral curtain but decided the map would fit better in the kids' hang out room. 

Map hanging

It's huge! I had a little trouble bringing it upstairs by myself and hanging it. The kids were definitely impressed. If you buy a large piece of art like this, you will most likely spend close to a thousand dollars and that's on the cheaper scale. Create your one of a kind piece of jumbo-sized art for way less than $100. I think we spent around $60 which is an amazing deal considering the scale. If you have a large wall that needs a little something, try building a large framed art like this one.

What You'll Need


Basic Torch

Product Info


14.1 oz. Propane Hand Torch Cylinder

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  • Shower curtain
  • Screws
  • 5 1x2 long pieces of poplar wood
  • 1 1x2 long pieces of pine wood
  • Sawtooth hangars
  • Sand paper
  • Optional: twin sheet


  • Drill
  • Level
  • Brad nailer
  • Staple gun