Epoxy Resin Sign with LEDs



Step 1: Build The Epoxy Forms

Pouring epoxy requires some prep work. With that you’re going to need a box that is water tight that you can pour the resin into in order to create your “sheets”. Then prepare your form, if you don’t then the epoxy will stick to it and not be able to be removed. You can either use packing tape or Kydex Tape.

Step 2: Pour Your Resin Sheets

Make 1/4″ thick sheets and use Total Boat High Performance Epoxy to measure out the form. Make enough to fill the form 1/4″ by volume. Then tint the epoxy and let it cure.

Step 3: Cut Out Your Letters

Pop out the sheet carefully using a putty knife, and make sure its fully cured. To cut the letters, use double sided tape and Axiom CNC to create a female pocket. If your sheets break, back fill the epoxy letters with more resin after you cut them.

Step 4: Fill Your Letters

Mix up more epoxy to fill the letters. When pouring epoxy you’re going to want to stay close to the pour. Resin bubbles will form and come to the surface so for this you’re going to want to pop the bubbles with the TS4000.

Step 5: Sand Your Sign Flat

Now that your sign is taking shape, you’re going to need to flatten it up. Use a drum sander for this, but you can easily do it by hand. Sand up to 400 grit, but a lot of people wet sand epoxy to 1000grit or more to get it to shine.

Step 6: Build a Shadow Box

To encapsulate the sign, build a simple mitered shadow box. To create some more reflection in the inside of the box, paint it white. Then shou sugi ban the exterior for some contrast. Then to ensure the sign is removable, stand it off with magnets. Simply imbed the magnets with a forestner bit and some CA glue. Finally, align the sign with some CA glue as well and set it in place.

Step 7: Install Your Light

For the light, use a wireless battery powered LED light preferably with a sticky back to set it in the box.  For ultimate ease of use, choose a LED light that is battery powered and has a remote!

What You'll Need


DuraCast™ 4000 Torch

Product Info


14.1 oz. MAP-Pro® Hand Torch Cylinder

Product Info


  • Table Saw
  • Drill & Impact Driver
  • 18g Brad Nailer


  • Total Boat High Performance Epoxy
  • Packing Tape
  • LED Wireless Light