DIY Repurposed Spoon Hooks

DIY Repurposed Spoon Hooks

I love a good thrift store transformation and this time I am sharing a project I made from my latest finds. As you may know, I tend to find the most budget friendly route to my projects and the last time I went thrift store shopping, I noticed that spoons and other utensils could be purchased for as little as $.25 each. I picked up a few different kinds along with some inexpensive decorative signs and came up with this.


Upcycled Thrift Store Sign

I found this sign for $3.99 at the thrift store. It was the perfect size for this project.

First, I sanded it with 220 grit sand paper and cleaned off all the debris with a clean paper towel. Next, I painted it with some leftover paint I had from our recent dining room makeover. Lastly, I let it dry completely, only painting it with one coat.

Thrift store sign

Choosing the Right Thrift Store Utensils

I thought it was important to go over some tips for finding the right type of spoon for bending. I bought several different spoons over a couple trips to test them out. Most eating utensils are stainless steel. I found that the heavier the spoon the more difficult it was to bend. Possible, but difficult. Also, if the handle is decorative and has indentations, there is also a chance you can break the spoon after heating it while bending at the indentation mark.

Thrift store utensils

How to Flatten and Bend Spoons

To flatten spoons, wrap one in an old towel. An old towel is ideal because after pounding it with a mallet it will shred. Hit the covered spoon several times, flip it over, hit again and repeat until it is the desired flatness.

To bend spoons, you need the Bernzomatic ST2200T and work gloves. Fill the torch with Bernzomatic butane and ignite it. Heat the spoon handle moving the flame in a back and forth motion. The heat will soften the metal. Bend the spoon into a hook shape. Reheat and reposition if needed.

Putting it All Together

I decided to spray paint my new hooks gold to match the cabinet hardware in my kitchen. Once they were dry I positioned and glued them onto the plaque. I used E6000 for this project, but you can also use another multipurpose glue, like DAP. Just make sure that the glue is good for metal and wood. Allow the glue to dry for 24 hours.

Finally, I hung it in my kitchen for towels, aprons, and oven mitts. It looks great!

Towel hanging on spoon rack

What You'll Need


Detail Torch

Product Info


5.6 oz. Butane Cylinder

Product Info
  • Spoons
  • Old Towel
  • Mallet
  • Heat Resistant Work Gloves
  • Sand Paper
  • Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Spray Paint (optional)
  • Industrial Strength Glue