Coastal Sunburst Mirror


Try out this simple and inexpensive DIY Costal Sunburst Mirror made out of shims and torched to create the perfect, beachy vibe.


Create a pattern for your sunburst mirror by gluing together three small cut shims to form a square. This is the starting point for a few of the shims to meet in the center. Measure and cut the shims according to your pattern.

Use construction glue to adhere the shims to each other. Place shorter sticks in between the longer sticks to create desired pattern. Let the glue set overnight before moving to the next step.

Using my Bernzomatic TS8000, torch all the shims to create a burnt look all along the sides and edges. Lightly sand the shims and wipe off any residue with a clean rag. Next, cut a piece of cardboard that's smaller than the mirror and glue it on the center. This is where you'll attach the mirror since you'll need a flat surface.

Burned wood
Taking a paint brush, lightly feather on the white paint on the shims. Take off any excess paint with the rag. The light coat allowed for the torched areas to show through and creates the perfect coastal aesthetic.

Painted shims
After the paint has dried, install your sawtooth hanger on the back. Tip: Test torching on the backside to get desired color.

Sawtooth hanger
Wait until the last step to glue on your mirror. When it's completely dry, hang and style it!


Hanging mirror

What You'll Need


DuraCast™ 8000 Torch

Product Info


14.1 oz. MAP-Pro® Hand Torch Cylinder

Product Info


  • 1 pack of contractor shims (I bought the longer shims so I could cut them)
  • Construction glue
  • Miter saw or tool to cut shims
  • Round mirror found in craft store
  • White paint
  • Paint brush
  • Sandpaper
  • Clean rag
  • Sawtooth hanger
  • Cardboard cut into a circle