Bathroom Towel Ladder



  1. Measure the width of your toilet and add about 3-4 inches. Decide how tall you want the ladder to reach and cut accordingly. Cut to desired height and width (This project is 7 feet tall and about 22 inches wide). Use the 2x2 wood for the sides as they are more substantial while using the 1x2 as the rungs. Try to purchase wood that isn't too warped. There will naturally be some bowing.
  2. Mark off where you want to add your rungs. Make sure there was enough space between the bottom rung and the top of the toilet. Using your nailer, attach the rungs to the ladder. Tip: bring your ladder to the bathroom a couple of times during the process to make sure it looks/fits right.
  3. Using the Bernzomatic TS3500, torch all the sides to give it a beautiful rustic finish. Sand all the edges for a smooth finish and clean it off with a tack cloth.
  4. Optional: Take some leftover white paint and gave the ladder a slight finish on top of the wood. This creates an aged look to the wood and adds some nice character. Let dry.
  5. Use string or twine to hang baskets onto the ladder. This is a great way to store extra towels. Towels can also be hung on the rings
  6. Place behind the toilet and you’re finished!

Towel rack

What You'll Need


Basic Torch

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14.1 oz. Propane Hand Torch Cylinder

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Materials & Tools

  • 2 pieces of 2x2 wood
  • 1 piece of 1x2 wood
  • Brad nailer
  • Sandpaper
  • Tack clean cloth
  • Paint
  • Basket
  • String or twine