Recycled Water Bottle Beads


Get crafty and learn how to make your own sustainable beads made from used plastic water bottles which are the perfect eco-friendly gift for the holidays.


Preparing your torch

Filling torch

Use the Bernzomatic ST2200 with a hot blower extension and fill it up with Bernzomatic Butane. To do this, turn your torch upside down. Insert the butane tip into the torch and lightly press down. You will hear the butane fill up the torch. You know it is full when you hear a spitting sound. It takes about 10 seconds to fill.

Cutting the water bottle

Cutting the water bottle

Use scissors to cut an empty water bottle. Cut off the rounded end with the hole first. Next, cut down the side of the water bottle. Then, cut around the bottom. You will end up with a rectangle. Cutting lengthwise, cut the rectangle into long narrow strips. If you are making beads like the one in this post, one 16 oz. water bottle will make approximately twenty beads.

Making the Recycled Beads

Making the beads

Use your needle nose pliers to hold the widest part of the triangle and wrap the triangle around the pliers to create the bead. Pinch the bead and move the pliers so that the narrow tip of the triangle is secured closed by the pliers. This will take some practice.

Using ST2200 torch

Ignite your Bernzomatic ST2200 and put it in continuous mode. Melt the plastic. You will see the bead melt together. Melting the plastic into a bead will take about 30 seconds. Lastly, lay the hot bead on your cookie sheet. It will be cool to touch in a few seconds.

Cooling beads

Assembling the bracelets

Assembling bracelets

For the bracelets shown, use a combination of glass, rubber, and wood beads. String them on elastic. I used approximately 18 beads per bracelet. Tie the elastic into a knot.

Completed project

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What You'll Need


Detail Torch

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5.6 oz. Butane Cylinder

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  • Water Bottles with Smooth Surface
  • Scissors
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Cookie Sheet
  • Beads
  • Elastic

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