Smoked Pine Cocktail


Recipe courtesy of Chef Greg Baxtrom, Olmsted​


  1. Combine gin, Dolin Rouge, Campari, Zirbenz Stone Pine Liqueur, Eliser Novasalus and Kaffir Lime Tincture. Stir over ice and strain.
  2. Torch hickory & mesquite wood chips to create smoke.
  3. Then before the smoke evaporates, cover it with the cocktail glass to absorb the smoke.
  4. Place the pine infused ice cube in the cocktail glass and cover with a coaster, small plate, or anything that will keep smoke contained. Leave the glass covered for 5-10 seconds.
  5. Remove cover and quickly pour drink mixture into the cocktail glass. Cheers!

What You'll Need


Maker Precision Torch

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5.6 oz. Butane Cylinder

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  • 1 oz st. George Terroir Gin
  • .75 oz Dolin Rouge Vermouth de Chambrey
  • .5 oz Campari
  • .5 oz Zirbenz Stone Pine Liqueur
  • 3 drops Eliser Novasalus
  • 3 drops Kaffir Lime Tincture
  • Pine infused ice cube


  • Cocktail glass
  • Hickory and Mesquite Wood Chips