How To Blacken Peppers with a Torch

Blacken Peppers

Blackening poblanos, habeneros, bell and other peppers with a Bernzomatic torch is a fast and easy way to bring out the flavor while keeping the soft inside moist and tender.

  • Roasting peppers can be a challenge due to the peppers’ curved surface and thick skin walls. A torch lets you char the outside without cooking the soft insides.
  • Char peppers on a stainless steel baking rack or by skewering and rotating them in front of the flame.
  • For skins that are still hard to remove after charring, place the peppers in a bowl of cold water immediately after charring or place in a closed paper bag for 5-10 minutes to steam the skin.
  • For thin-skinned, easily burned peppers like habaneros, infuse the pepper with a syringe of salt water before charring.


  1. Place peppers on a stainless steel baking sheet or other fireproof surface. Move anything combustible away from the cooking area.
  2. Light your torch in a safe direction, pointed away from food items. Gradually place the flame against the pepper. Char the skin by waving the flame back and forth continuously over the skin until it becomes blistered and turns black.
  3. Turn the pepper over with tongs and char until the skin is blackened. Repeat as necessary until the entire surface of the pepper is charred.
  4. Immediately after charring, place the peppers in a bowl and cover it tightly with plastic wrap to keep the steam inside. Remove after 10 to 15 minutes and rub off the blackened skins.


  • Read our General Safety Precautions before starting your project.
  • Read the instructions that come with your torch before beginning your dish.
  • Always remove the torch from fuel cylinder and store fuel in an upright position after finishing your dish

What You'll Need


DuraCast™ 8000 Torch

Product Info


14.1 oz. Propane Hand Torch Cylinder

Product Info


  • TS8000-Max Heat Torch for Faster Work Times
  • 16 oz. Fuel Cylinder
  • Keep a fire extinguisher or water source nearby in case of emergency.
  • Safety glasses
  • Tongs
  • Work gloves


  • Bowl
  • Pepper
  • Plastic wrap
  • Stainless steel baking sheet and wire rack