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Reclaim your lawn and prepare your home for spring with Bernzomatic torches

Project ideas and expert tips to get fired up about

COLUMBUS, OH (April 7, 2015) – Spring has officially sprung, and tending to lawns and homes after a harsh winter is top of mind for many homeowners. With DIYers across the country about to open up the shed to get to work, Bernzomatic, the industry leader in hand-held torches and fuel cylinders, has compiled simple project ideas and maintenance tips to gear you up for the season.

Get inspired and harness the power of the flame by taking on these projects with the Bernzomatic® JT850 Lawn and Garden Torch and Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger-Start Torch. The Bernzomatic JT850 Lawn and Garden Torch ($42.00 SRP) is specially designed for outdoor use with a 36-inch extended reach handle for tricky outdoor projects such as weed control. The Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger-Start Torch ($42.00 SRP or $49.00 SRP with MAP-ProTM fuel cylinder) can be used for dozens of applications from standard soldering to lighting grills. The torch features a trigger on/off for easy lighting.

  • Weed control: Get rid of pesky weeds in between pavers or crevices in cement without the use of harsh chemicals using the Bernzomatic JT850 Lawn and Garden Torch to burn them away. The jumbo flame instantly destroys unwanted weeds and the long handle helps you eliminate weeds without bending or crouching.
    Tip: If working on a patio or near a driveway, always sweep first to get rid of loose materials that may catch fire.
  • Prep your driveway: Cold temperatures, ice and snow do a number on blacktop asphalt driveways during the winter. Take back your car’s domain by repairing cracks using just a few items and the Bernzomatic JT850 Lawn and Garden Torch. Fill the cracks with rubberized sealant and melt the sealant with the torch. Holding the torch just a few inches away, the torch liquefies the sealant to make a permanent repair.
    Tip: This solution works best for minor to semi-deep cracks. If you’ve got potholes or sinkholes, other solutions may be required.
  • Paint stripping: The Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger-Start Torch can be used to strip old paint off outside surfaces such as gutters so you can add a new, fresh layer. Before stripping paint, be sure to follow a few rules. First, make sure the paint is not lead based and that surrounding material (such as old wood) isn’t flammable. Use the torch to heat the paint, until it begins to bubble. Once cooled, take a scraper and peel off the paint.
    Tip: Wear a protective mask when conducting this job and it is best to complete outside.
  • Bonfires and grills: Grilling and bonfires are warm-weather musts. Instead of struggling to light your charcoal grill with match after match, use the TS4000 Trigger-Start Torch for a quick and easy result. The swirl flame blends the primary and secondary flames, providing a hot, efficient flame. When it comes to bonfires, use the Bernzomatic JT850 Lawn and Garden Torch. The long handle keeps you off your hands and knees and a safe distance away from the fire.
    Tip: If your firewood is lightly damp from spring rain, use the JT850 Lawn and Garden Torch to dry it, allowing the wood light quickly.
  • Furniture refresh: Spring is all about rejuvenation. Give your weather-worn picnic table or wooden furniture a makeover using a torch to give new life to old wood. The Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger Start Torch can be used to create a unique torched look to a table or chair, adding rustic charm and character. The flame of the torch burns the wood and brings out the grain in a dramatic way that will be a statement all season long.
    Tip: Be sure to sand the table or wood you are distressing first to remove all traces of old stain, which may be flammable.

For more information about Bernzomatic products, visit Look for Bernzomatic at major home improvement stores nationwide. Before using, remember to read all instructions and warnings and wear appropriate safety equipment.

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