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Bernzomatic partners with Sansaire to help home chefs achieve a post-sous vide sear

Leading blowtorch company co-launches a culinary searing kit for at-home chefs

COLUMBUS, OH (August 20, 2015) – Bernzomatic®, the industry leader in handheld torches since 1876, has teamed up with kitchen devices company Sansaire to launch the Sansaire Searing Kit. The kit features a special-edition white propane cylinder and matching searing torch – the most powerful culinary blowtorch ever designed for home cooks – to create perfect sear on sous vide meats and vegetables while preserving the precise internal temperature created by the sous vide process.

“Professional chefs and adventurous home cooks have been searing foods with Bernzomatic torches for years. We are excited to further establish our position in the culinary space with the launch of the Searing Kit – inspiring more foodies to pick up a torch and use it in their home kitchen,” said Bobby Weinberg, product line manager, Bernzomatic. “The broad, high temperature flame of our torch will impress users and their guests with a delicious golden brown crust they typically see in fine dining restaurants.”

Whether evenly browning oddly shaped cuts like rack of lamb, or adding a perfect golden crust to a beef roast, the Searing Torch provides the finishing touch on any sous vide dish. Upon completion of the sous vide process – a cooking method that uses precise temperature control to cook foods to their ideal interior doneness in a water bath– the torch is used to sear the exterior of the meat or vegetables, quickly and easily creating the delicious flavors and aromas of fire-roasting without jeopardizing the perfect doneness of sous vide cooking.

The Sansaire Searing Kit includes a 16 oz. propane cylinder and Searing Torch head, as well as a heavy-duty stainless steel searing rack and enameled tray to catch drippings. The torch head features an extra-large brass tip for an even distribution of heat, a run-lock that provides continuous operation and one-handed ignition with safety lock for ease of use. The kit is currently available for purchase at a cost of $159.95 at Sur La Table retail stores nationwide, as well as on the Sansaire website at Photography is available to media upon request.

Those interested in learning more about Bernzomatic products and finding inspiration for their next creation in the kitchen, workshop or studio are invited to visit Look for Bernzomatic products at major home improvement stores nationwide.

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