CylinderSafe Fuel Disposal Information by Bernzomatic

Properly Use, transport, store and dispose of your non-refillable cylinders

Each year, tens of millions of non-refillable cylinders and hand torches are sold to tackle projects from plumbing and electrical work to craft making, upcycling, cooking and grilling. CylinderSafeTM is a resource for anyone looking for information on how to properly use, transport, store or dispose of non-refillable cylinders.

Bernzomatic has made the highest quality products since 1876. Our mission through CylinderSafe is for people to use and dispose of handheld non-refillable fuel cylinders employing safe and proper techniques. With your help, we can make that happen. For more information click here.

Cylindersafe Overview

How to properly dispose of your cylinder

Not sure how to properly dispose of your empty non-refillable cylinders? Procedures for disposing of these empty non-refillable cylinders vary by location. Enter your ZIP code for contact information for your local solid waste authority.

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