Carrying The Torch

We believe in carrying the torch passed by our founder, Otto Bernz, in 1876. His quality craftsmanship and progressive mindset are what got us here today.

Our History

1876 – Inventor and craftsman Otto Bernz founds the Otto Bernz Co. in Newark, N.J., to sell plumbers’ tools, furnaces and torches. He calls his gasoline torches the “Always Reliable,” setting a standard for quality and durability that lives on today. In January 1918, the American Artisan and Hardware Record wrote: “Otto Bernz…declares that the most reliable torches are those which are not only made of the best material but which, in addition, are carefully tested before leaving the factory. The mechanism, material, design and fully tested working qualities of gasoline torches which he manufactures are said to be so uniformly excellent as to merit the name, ‘Always Reliable.’”

1940’s – The company relocates to Rochester, N.Y. and changes its name changed to BernzOmatic.

1950’s – The first propane torch and fuel cylinder is developed. BernzOmatic propane-powered products include torches for DIYers, cook-stoves, lanterns and portable heaters.

1960-70’s – BernzOmatic product line expansions include fire extinguishers, charcoal fire starters, heat and smoke detectors, Bernz cutters, tire inflators, refrigerators, charcoal grills, insect foggers and hand tools including wrenches, pliers, drivers, socket sets and adjustable wrenches.

1969 — Bernzomatic purchases the Birds-Eye plant in Medina, N.Y.

1982 — Bernzomatic becomes a Division of Newell Rubbermaid.

2011 – Bernzomatic is acquired by Worthington Cylinders, the leading manufacturer of hand torch cylinders, providing a single source for fuel, torches, solder and plumbing accessories.

Today – Otto Bernz’s passion for craftsmanship and creation burns on as Bernzomatic tools empower professional tradesman, DIYers, artisans, adventurers and creatives with the tools and inspiration they need to take on new projects and redefine what they can achieve.