General Safety Information

General Safety Information General Safety Information General Safety Information General Safety Information

Bernzomatic manufactures dependable, safe hand torches as well as fuel cylinders and tanks for propane, MAP-Pro™ and oxygen gases. Choosing the right fuel— and using it safely—depends on the task you're performing and what type of hand torch you're using. The following tips can help you make the right fuel selection.

General Safety Precautions

  • Read and follow important safety warnings included with Bernzomatic fuel cylinders and hand torches.
  • Always use protective gloves and safety glasses while using hand torches.
  • Check cylinder and appliance seals before using Bernzomatic products. Never use cylinders with damaged or missing seals. Discard cylinders if dirt or rust particles are present in valve areas.
  • Make sure your torch head is turned off before attaching a fuel cylinder. Be sure to hold the cylinder upright while attaching hoses or appliances. Hand tighten only -- never use tools to tighten -- as over-tightening can damage seals.
  • Check for leaks once appliances are attached, put soapy water on connections and look for bubbles. Also listen for the hiss of escaping gas; feel for extreme cold; and smell for rotten egg odors. Do not use if you detect fuel is leaking.
  • During use, hold hand torches upright to prevent flare-ups or flashes. If appliance sputters or flares up, turn cylinder upright and turn unit off. Vent area to remove unburned gas
  • Allow hand torches to cool after use. Detach the fuel cylinder for the hand torch when not in use and replace caps to keep valves clean.
  • Never drop, throw or puncture fuel cylinders. Store fuel cylinders away from living spaces, out of reach of children and away from ignition sources. Do not leave in direct sunlight. Never store at temperatures above 120 degrees F (49 degrees C).