2 oz. Petroleum Based Plumbing Flux



2 oz. Petroleum Based Plumbing Flux

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Petroleum Based Plumbing Flux is a paste that cleans surfaces before soldering. The lead-free formula is works well for soldering copper pipes and plumbing fittings, HVAC systems and fire sprinklers. Prepares surfaces by removing oxides and impurities for better solder application, and performs well with lead-free solder. Includes a flux brush for easy application.

Safety Data Sheets

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  • Product IconFor soldering copper pipes and hot water heaters, and for general plumbing repairs
  • Product IconRemoves oxides and impurities from surfaces before soldering
  • Product IconLead-free, NSF 61 certified
  • Product IconPerforms well with lead-free solder such, as Bernzomatic Plumbing Solder
  • Product IconIncludes flux brush



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