Choosing a Torch

Choosing a Torch Choosing a Torch Choosing a Torch Choosing a Torch

Whether you're a professional tradesman, DIYer, artisan or adventurer, Bernzomatic has the perfect flame to fuel your passion. Our easy-to-use torches offer uncompromising versatility, durability and safety for projects ranging from soldering a pipe to stripping paint, blowing glass to searing a perfect steak.

Choosing a Torch

Whether you’re new to hot tools or a practiced pro, Bernzomatic offers a torch that’s matched to your needs and experience. When selecting a torch, start with the type of ignition that makes you most comfortable.

Instant On/Off torches ignite and extinguish with the touch of a button – making them ideal for new torch users, or anyone seeking the convenience of an instant flame. Bernzomatic instant on/off torches include the TS8000 High Intensity Trigger-Start Torch Head, the TS4000 Trigger-Start Torch Head and the ST500 3-in-1 Micro Torch and Soldering Iron.

Automatic Ignition torches ignite by pulling the trigger-start, and extinguish by turning the adjustable flame control knob, which makes them easy to use. Bernzomatic automatic ignition torches include the TS3000 Multi-Purpose Trigger-Start Torch Head with Comfort Grip, the WT2301 Multi-Purpose Trigger-Start Torch Head and the TS99 Trigger-Start Vertical Swivel Torch Head.

Manual Ignition torches require a spark lighter to ignite, and extinguish by turning the adjustable flame control knob. Since manual ignition torches require two hands to light, they're best suited for more experienced torch users. Bernzomatic manual ignition torches include the UL2317 Brass Pencil Flame Torch Head and ST200 Micro Torch and Soldering Iron.

Choosing a Fuel

Some projects require a hot, efficient flame, while others need gentler heat. Different fuels can help you achieve the right temperature for your project—below are suggested fuel types for common tasks. Be sure your selected torch is compatible with the fuel.

Application Torch Category / Fuel Type
Soldering electronic circuits  gas-icon-butane-sm  gas-icon-propane-sm gas-icon-map-pro-sm  
Heat shrink  gas-icon-butane-sm  gas-icon-propane-sm gas-icon-map-pro-sm  
Caramelizing Sugar  gas-icon-butane-sm  gas-icon-propane-sm gas-icon-map-pro-sm  
Jewelry design and repair  gas-icon-butane-sm  gas-icon-propane-sm gas-icon-map-pro-sm  
Soldering copper pipes (up to ¾”)    gas-icon-propane-sm gas-icon-map-pro-sm  
Thawing frozen pipes and locks    gas-icon-propane-sm gas-icon-map-pro-sm  
Loosening rusted nuts and bolts    gas-icon-propane-sm gas-icon-map-pro-sm  
Removing paint, caulk and putty    gas-icon-propane-sm gas-icon-map-pro-sm  
Soldering copper pipes (over ¾”)     gas-icon-map-pro-sm  
Brazing copper pipes     gas-icon-map-pro-sm  
Brazing steel     gas-icon-map-pro-sm  
Hardening steel       gas-icon-map-pro-smgas-icon-oxygen-sm
Repairing garden tools       gas-icon-map-pro-smgas-icon-oxygen-sm
Light welding       gas-icon-map-pro-smgas-icon-oxygen-sm
Thin metal cutting       gas-icon-map-pro-smgas-icon-oxygen-sm